Soothsayer's (set)

A female human wearing Soothsayer's set

Armor Set: Soothsayer's

  • (2) Applies Focus: Bolster.
    • Increases the duration of Bolster by 12 seconds.
  • (4) Applies Focus: Umbral Warding.
    • Reduces the reuse time of Umbral Warding by 7 seconds.
  • (6) Applies Focus: Ancestral Sentry.
    • Reduces the reuse Ancestral Sentry by 60 seconds, casting speed by 1.5 seconds. Add power over time to the Mystic.

This armor may be worn only by: Mystics.

Drop Locations 編集

This armor is dropped as follows:

HeadBlackened Helm PatternSilverwingVeeshan's Peak
ShouldersBlackened Pauldrons PatternHoshkarVeeshan's Peak
ChestBlackened Chestguard PatternTrakanonTrakanon's Lair
ForearmsBlackened Bracers PatternXygozVeeshan's Peak
HandsBlackened Gloves PatternNexonaVeeshan's Peak
LegsBlackened Leggings PatternPhara DarVeeshan's Peak
FeetBlackened Boots PatternDruushkVeeshan's Peak

Needed items 編集

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, meet Avess Ryiss at Danak Shipyard in Jarsath Wastes.

HeadBlackened Helm PatternPyre Sapphire
ShouldersBlackened Pauldrons PatternCrystalized Phospherous
ChestBlackened Chestguard PatternInferno Pearl
ForearmsBlackened Bracers PatternLava Ruby
HandsBlackened Gloves PatternLiving Ember
LegsBlackened Leggings PatternMagma Diamond
FeetBlackened Boots PatternDragons Eye

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