Najena's Voidcaller (female).jpg

A female human wearing Najena's Voidcaller set

Armor Set: Najena's Voidcaller

(3) Applies Najena's Adeptness

  • Increases Damage Spell Crit Chance of caster by 2.0%

(6) Applies Najena's Empowerment.

  • On a successful hostile spell this spell has a chance to cast Najena's Empowerment on caster. Lasts for 30.0 seconds. This effect will trigger an average of 1.8 times per minute.
    • Heals pet for 424
    • Increases Damage Per Second of pet by 15.7
    • Enlarges pet by 45%
    • Increases Max Health of pet by 438

This armor may be worn only by: Summoners.

This armor is dropped as follows: (this is the same mobs for all EoF teir 7 legendary set armor)

HeadThe Priest of FearEstate of Unrest
ChestGaranel Rucksif, the CursedEstate of Unrest
ShouldersHead Butler Z'ral, Veingore, Seneschal D'narazMistmoore Catacombs
WristsCount Valdoon Kel'NovarCrypt of Valdoon
HandsThe Avatar of SerilisKaladim
LegsSage V'NcenziCastle Mistmoore
FeetAxxyk'TuurObelisk of Blight

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