Armor Set: Grunblig's Imbued Wrath

  • (2) +3 Damage Per Second
    +3 parry
    • Applies Greater Goblin Bane.
      • Additional equipment with Goblin Bane Improves this effect by 20% per piece.
      • On any successful attack this spell has a chance to cast Greater Greater Goblin Bane on target of attack. Lasts for 10.0 seconds. This effect will trigger an average of 1.6 times per minute.
        • Inflicts 378 mental damage on target
          • Must not be classified as a goblin
        • Inflicts 756 mental damage on target
          • Must be classified as a goblin
        • Decreases Mitigation of target vs mental damage by 640
          • Must be classified as a goblin
  • (3) +1 Melee Crit Chance
    +1 Double Attack Chance
    +25 combat art damage
    • Applies Enhance: Goblin Bane.
      • Enhances the damage of Goblin Bane effects by 20%.

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