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Fact: Since LU44 the set bonus is 2, 4 and 6. If you see old screenshots please upload new ones

Grave Reckoning (female).jpg

A female human wearing Grave Reckoning set

Armor Set: Grave Reckoning

  • (2) Applies Focus: Soulrot
    • Increases the damage of Soulrot by 65.
  • (4) Applies Focus: Demilich
    • Increases the damage amount of Demilich by 45.
  • (6) Applies Focus: Vampirism
    • Increases the amount of damage and healing provided by Vampiric Orb by 20%.

This armor may be worn only by: Necromancers.

Drop Locations 編集

This armor is dropped as follows:

HeadCauterized Helm PatternSilverwingVeeshan's Peak
ShouldersCauterized Pauldrons PatternHoshkarVeeshan's Peak
ChestCauterized Chestguard PatternTrakanonTrakanon's Lair
ForearmsCauterized Bracers PatternXygozVeeshan's Peak
HandsCauterized Gloves PatternNexonaVeeshan's Peak
LegsCauterized Leggings PatternPhara DarVeeshan's Peak
FeetCauterized Boots PatternDruushkVeeshan's Peak

Needed items 編集

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, meet Avess Ryiss at Danak Shipyard in Jarsath Wastes.

HeadCauterized Helm PatternLiving Ember
ShouldersCauterized Pauldrons PatternDragons Eye
ChestCauterized Chestguard PatternCrystalized Phospherous
ForearmsCauterized Bracers PatternInferno Pearl
HandsCauterized Gloves PatternMagma Diamond
LegsCauterized Leggings PatternLava Ruby
FeetCauterized Boots Pattern Pyre Sapphire

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