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  • レベル100の冒険者である必要があります.
  • 幾つかのクエストのために ゴブリン語が必要です.

Note: シグネチャーを開始するのにザランブラのシグネチャークリアは必要ありません.ザランブラのシグネチャーのクリアは勝利のアチーブメントとベストな武器スロットのためだけに必要です.(オプション)

Notes for Alts編集

一度このタイムラインをクリアすると The Essential Kunark Guide100p  で Sarya Val'Sara ( -231, 91, -241 ) /waypoint -231, 91, -241 から購入することが出来ます.



  1. Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Queen Alwenielle からの手紙
    • 報酬はアカウントのキャラクター全体のゾーンアクセス "Obulus Frontier Access" です
  2. Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks - from Trooper Sotek
  3. Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer - from Setri Lur'eth
  4. Drake Disposal Duty - from Zhazsze
  5. Kunark Ascending: Forgotten Lands - from Hierophant Prime Jarakkas
  6. Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
  7. Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon
  8. Kunark Ascending: Seeking Reassurance
  9. Kunark Ascending: Reading Assignment
  10. Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination
  11. Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Resolved - 報酬はフライングマウント, Nye'Caelona からザランブラへのトラベル解除, the Ascension Master (NPC) の解放

Klok Grissuc

  1. Flame Licked - after Drake Disposal Duty
  2. Littered Along the Pass
  3. Trader Amongst Us

Klok Scekki

  1. Remains to be Seen - after Trader Amongst Us


  1. Idol Destruction - after Drake Disposal Duty

Arcanist Chaarex

  1. Giant Impressment Effort - after Idol Destruction
  2. Giant Spiritual Awakening

Adept Krellsis

  1. Suit Up - after Giant Spiritual Awakening

Captain Tazthas

  1. Wings in Danger - after Idol Destruction
  2. Damage the Trust - after Kunark Ascending: History in Stone

a nameless spirit

  1. A Vicious Tongue - after Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer

Trader Gorakris

  1. Artifacts of Life - needed for Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination

Ghrix Si'lith

  1. Feast for a Gift - after Artifacts of Life


  1. Delivered from Madness - after Feast for a Gift


  1. Shattered Lives

Keenora Fadan

  1. Growth in an Arid Land

Celsyn Beileth

  1. You Can Kill Count on Me - after Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
  2. Leader-Go-Seek
  3. Changing of the Tides
  4. You Can Still Kill Count on Me - リピート可

Sarafain Eillynn (after reaching -10,000k Faction with Nye'Caelona)

  1. Arid Roots
  2. Insecticidal Mission
  3. Insecticidal Mission Impossible - リピート可


  1. Bridge To Success

Merith Iliqirelle

  1. Lightning Bug Hunt
  2. Parchment Preservation

Thaalia Faerel

  1. Case of the Missing Headpiece - needed for Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination


  1. Get A 'Shroom
  2. Sluggin' It Out
  3. Hide and Wreek - after Get A 'Shroom and Sluggin' It Out
  4. Dying to Have You


  1. Ghosts and Gooblins - needed for Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination


  1. Toes, Teeth, and Death - Twark にある血に汚れた旗

オプショナルクエスト in クンツァー・ジャングル編集

Kerss Rekssok (ジニスク)

  1. Eye in the Mist
  2. A Mist Call


Timed Key Quests編集

  1. Geobotany+2000 faction with Nye'Caelona
  2. Little Whiskersnapper
  3. Memories of The Frillik Tide
  4. Obulus Opus
  5. Vengeance is Mine+2000 faction with Nye'Caelona
  6. A Goblin Nightmare